What is Jobsability?

Jobsability aims to improve employment outcomes for people living with a disability by raising awareness and supporting employers through the recruitment process.

Recruiting people with disability has a 3 way benefit:


  • The individual seeking employment – who benefits from employment and greater independence,
  • Employers – who reduce their expenses in the hiring processes and gain loyal, productive staff who take less sick leave and are less likely to injure themselves in the workplace. Employers also enjoy the benefits of increased customer loyalty due to their demonstration of inclusive community values. See more how employers benefit here
  • The Tasmanian economy – which benefits from higher employment rates and business growth. Approximately 23% of the Tasmanian population have a disability. However only 46% of working age people with disability are employed. Improving these employment rates can help to boost the Tasmanian economy.

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The Facts

Infographics for JobsABILITY

 Jobsability can help you:

  • Answer workplace, recruitment and support questions you may have and provide you with ‘disability awareness’ resources
  • Distribute your job vacancies among a range of disability employment service providers
  • Connect you with employment service providers for more information on wage subsidies and incentives

If your business needs staff; Jobsability can support you in accessing a range of information, resources and recruitment support.


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