JobsABILITY at the TasICT Conference

JobsABILITY promoted the benefits of employing people with disability at the 2016 TasICT Conference on 25th November 2016 in Hobart.

With over 14,000 people with disability currently working within the ICT industry in Tasmania, we had a number of interested employers ready to talk more about how JobsABILITY can assist in the pathway to securing work-ready staff.

Employment of people with disability became a hot topic on the discussion panel at the conference where several companies spoke about their inclusive workplace practices.

In particular, we heard of how companies in Silicon Valley have employed many analysts with autism. The attention to detail shared by many people with autism means that they have the potential to become brilliant analysts.

In addition, people with disability generally possess high problem solving skills through creatively rethinking how to manage challenges. This ability fits well with ICT companies that have an equally solution-focused perspective in delivering their services.

Interestingly 55% of working age people with disability hold either a certificate, diploma or degree level qualification; meaning that training is no barrier to employment.

For more information on how people with disability can be an asset to your company, contact JobsABILITY.