Employers learn about sourcing keen and innovative staff

Last month, a number of iconic Tasmanian businesses attended a forum on accessing an untapped pool of work-ready staff. The forum, ‘Finding Keen and Innovative New Staff’, provided an overview of services available to businesses who want to employ people with disability.

Employers were informed about how they can access wage subsidies, workplace support and job-matching services.

All of these services are delivered by disability employment providers and are free-of-charge.

Disability employment providers have often been overlooked during recruitment. However, the state government has supported NDS initiative JobsABILITY, which highlights the importance of disability employment as well as its benefits.

Supported by industry bodies – TCCI, THA, TasICT and Hobart Chamber of Commerce – the JobsABILITY forum provided an opportunity for businesses to network with employment providers; all of whom have a number of candidates ready and willing to work.

Over 3,500 people have registered with disability employment providers in Tasmania. All of these jobseekers have various skills and qualities. Some are looking for entry level positions, while others have experience in their preferred industries.

Over 33 per cent of working Australians with disability are employed in managerial, professional and administrative roles.

With some jobseekers looking for entry level positions and Tasmanian businesses requiring skilled labour, the forum also introduced businesses to programs aimed at supporting employers with traineeships through TCCI’s Apprenticeship Advisory Service and the Ticket to Work program (delivered by NDS).

The JobsABILITY initiative offers a one-stop-shop for Tasmanian businesses. Our website provides information on disability employment and links to local employment service providers.