Victory Motor Body Works

Everyday champions can be found in the most unexpected places, like disability advocates Glen and Jill O’Donovan at Victory Motor Body Works in North Brisbane.

“We actually started working with MAX Employment after we worked on one of their cars. They came in, got quotes and asked us if we may consider hiring someone with a learning disability,” says business co-owner Jill.

A few short weeks later, car enthusiast and MAX job seeker Lachlan started a trial with Victory, and Jill hasn’t looked back.

“Lachy is a lovely boy, he’s friendly and warm. And the job suits him,” she explains. “We just needed someone who was keen to work a few hours a week and could do the odd job here and there, the jobs that get neglected.”

Placement Consultant Mel said with the support of a Health Officer, Lachlan has made the role his own. “Lachlan has ASD and a learning disability, so he needs extra support. But he loves cars, and he really wants to learn. Glen and Jill are phenomenal with giving him that opportunity.”

“He was nervous when he first started,” Mel says. “He hadn’t worked in a little while. Our team developed a plan for him, and he’s a little star now though. He pretty much just runs with anything! It’s worked out well for everyone.”

Jill says Lachlan has been a huge help already, and is a great fit for the small but busy shop.

“So far he’s been really good, he turns up all the time. We’ve had a few people in the past who have just not turned up or called in sick at the last second, but Lach is always here.

“His ASD doesn’t affect his work at all, we just give him one thing at a time. MAX have been great as well, they’ve been here all the time just to get him into the routine.”

And Lachlan’s enthusiasm for working with cars grows every day thanks to Victory and MAX.

Jill says she is thrilled with the outcome of Lachlan’s placement, and encourages other employers to consider hiring people with additional needs.

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If you are considering employing a person with disability; check our Employer FAQ or contact JobsABILITY for further information.