Tassal is an iconic company based in Tasmania that employs over 1050 people.

Tassal values employee diversity. Their recruitment and selection process encourages equal opportunities for everyone.

Among its employees, Tassal has recruited several workers with disability:

Safety Coordinator

Tassal’s Safety Coordinator maintains the WHS management systems. Tassal was not discouraged from recruiting a person with a disability for this role, hiring them based on his skills and knowledge.

Kaylene Little, Head of People, Culture and QA explains that the Safety Coordinator position requires a great deal of responsibility and expertise. Minor modifications were implemented to accommodate the needs of the safety coordinator, such as providing them with a phone for their hearing impairment.

Administration Assistant

Tassal employed a student with an intellectual disability to assist in various administration duties such as filing, photocopying and preparation of induction packs.

Ms Little explains that due to the increasing workload and duties within the HR team, there was an opportunity to create a new part time position. This has benefitted the team as administration duties are taken care of more efficiently whilst other staff members are able to focus on more pressing tasks within the HR department.


Ms Little recommends considering the needs of potential employees during the recruitment process by offering a flexible workplace. This includes ensuring that any specific requirements are met in order for the employee to perform at their best ability.

Ms Little also says that a major benefit of employing people with disability has been her team’s dynamics as they come together and support new ideas and qualities.

Tassal is committed to cultivating a diverse workplace. Tassal’s involvement in the JobsABILITY initiative will continue to grow as they seek to set employment targets for people with disability.

Did you know?

  • 25% of the Tasmanian population identify as having a disability.
  • 87% of the public prefers to give their business to companies that hire people with disability
  • 55% of working age people with disability hold either a certificate, diploma or degree level qualification
  • Workers with disability have a lower number of OHS incidents. 0.37 incidences were reported on average for a person with disability, compared to 2.24 incidences for people without disability.

If you are looking for staff, contact JobsABILITY to discuss your recruitment needs.