PQ Healthcare

PQ Tasmania Healthcare Supplies is a retailer and wholesaler of healthcare products. It is owned by the ParaQuad Association of Tasmania Inc and Mr Gregory Perry is the Executive Officer.

As a general rule across the association, we target the disability sector first for new employees where the role is considered suitable. The roles filled range from warehouse packing, sales and administration to public liaison roles speaking with community groups and school students.

Most of the associations staff that have left have gone on to pursue more rewarding careers as a direct result of their initial employment with ParaQuad.

Mr Perry explains, “They have left with far greater confidence in their own abilities and understand their limitations better.”

The skills and abilities that staff bring to businesses can be a great opportunity to increase productivity. My Perry says, “The employees’ disabilities have become assets to our business. This is demonstrated in their attention to detail. We have a very important checking procedure that takes place each time orders are picked. On employment, we show the employee the desired procedure, the task is done efficiently every time an order is picked. Other staff were equally impressed and retain a lot of respect for their co-workers.”

One issue that Mr Perry has identified is some absenteeism. Mr Perry has found that part-time positions and providing job share opportunities can provide a solution to this issue.

“With a bit of work, the needs and circumstances of both parties (the employer and employee) can be addressed. Once everything is settled, you often end up with very loyal employees. It’s often life changing for them. It’s a win-win.”

“If I was asked today to give advice to an employer about how to become involved in the employment of those with disability, I would send them to Robin Rhodes at WISE Employment,” says Mr Perry. “Robin came here a couple of years ago and became familiar with our business and daily tasks and duties. We discussed the roles, what was important to us as employers, and he gained a thorough understanding of our team and the business. We hadn’t seen Robin for a while, until one day he offered us a work experience placement which we were pleased to fulfil. The placement slotted in beautifully to our team and is still with us.”
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