ICT Staff at the Tasmanian Hospitality Association

The Tasmanian Hospitality Association (THA) is the peak industry body for hotels, restaurants, cafes, pubs and clubs in Tasmania. They have recently recruited a young person with disability, 22-year-old Ross Kent, as their new Social Media Analyst, working primarily in the THA Great Customer Experience Program.

Among Ross’s duties, he analyses social media platforms for customer engagement, and satisfaction, with Tasmanian Tourism and Hospitality venues. In particular, Ross focuses on customer interactions on TripAdvisor and Facebook. This information is valuable to businesses who undertake the Program to improve the customer experiences in their venues and build customer loyalty. Ross’s work enables Program presenters and venues to get a better picture of how venues are being experienced by customers and what facets of their social media engagement can be improved. This Social Media analysis is a key plank of the Program.

Stephen Long, the Manager for Workforce Development at THA, says that Ross has grown quickly in the role and is “always punctual, very reliable and fitted easily into the workplace.”

14,100 people with disability work in the information, media and communications sector and 45 per cent of working Australians with disability who are employed work within managerial, professional and administrative roles.

People with disability provide unique skills and perspectives when it comes to using technology, and they are employed in many areas of the ICT industry, ranging from customer and support services to programming and project management.

People with disability also generally possess high problem-solving skills through creatively rethinking how to manage challenges. This ability fits well with ICT industries that have an equally solution-focused perspective in delivering their services.

People with disability who are looking to reskill in IT may assist in addressing skills shortages facing the ICT industry in Tasmania. Disability employment service providers and programs such as Ticket to Work offer free support to employers by providing assistance with the recruitment and set-up processes when applying and taking on apprentices or trainees.

If you are looking to hire a person with disability who is planning a career in the ICT industry, please contact JobsABILITY to find out how.